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Mercaptan Sulfur Content Apparatus

Brand : HK
Product origin : China
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HK-DP-LC200 Mercaptan Sulfur Content (Potentiometric Titration Method)

Mercaptan sulfur has an objectionable odor, an adverse effect on fuel system elastomers, and is corrosive to fuel system components.


The Instrument adopts potentiometric titration method: The hydrogen sulfide-free sample is dissolved in an alcoholic sodium acetate titration solvent and titrated potentiometrically with silver nitrate solution, using as an indicator the potential between a glass reference electrode and a silver/silver-sulfide indicating electrode. Under these conditions, the mercaptan sulfur is precipitated as silver mercaptide and the end point of the titration is shown by a large change in cell potential.

Suitable scope

The instrument is used for determination of mercaptan sulfur in gasolines, kerosines, aviation turbine fuels, and distillate fuels containing from 0.0003 to 0.01 mass % of mercaptan sulfur. Organic sulfur compounds such as sulfides, disulfides, and thiophene, do not interfere. Elemental sulfur in amounts less than 0.0005 mass % does not interfere. Hydrogen sulfide will interfere if not removed


1.Windows operating platform with convenient operation, straightforward dialog between operator and machine.

2.Real-time display of the titration curve can print and store the titration curve, testing results and data directly.

3.We adopt imported titration unit, makes the instrument measuring accuracy is higher and better stability.

4.The instrument can do the following functions automatically.

5.Cleaning, setting value add fluid, detect end point, filtering false end. And it features Continuous Titration function

Technical parameters

1.Measuring range:0.0001%~0.05% (m/m)

2.Precision:relative error≤5%

3.Potentiometric measuring range:0~±1999.5mV

4.Basic error:0.1%F•S±0.5mV

5.Burette volume:10ml

6.Min burette volume.:0.01ml

Packaging & Shipping

1 How to deliver?

We can send by Express or by Air. Also we have best transportation solution for DHL, FEDEX, UPS,TNT faster and cheaper

2 What if it broken during transport?

Please do not worry, we do standard export package.

We have 12 months warranty, if it broken during transport, we can change a new one for you. If it is broken after 12 months, we can supply you a new one at a cost price.



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Low price:

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Our company focuses on product quality. We equip professional research and development team.

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We offer fast delivery and secure packing. We provide one year guarantee and long term spare parts supply at cost price.  

2. How can I choose the suitable one?

We design and manufacture our testers based on ASTM, IP, ISO standards, so user may tell the exact standard or test method to us, and then we can offer our solution.

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We accept many payment terms, such as T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, and money gram and so on.

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Normally, we have testers in our stock, if not, we can deliver within 5-7 days, please contact us to check transport time and charge to your address.

5. What should I do if I do not know how to use?

Please do not worry, manual user will be sent together, also we can offer Operation and installation video, you can also contact us with more technological support.

6. What should I do if some parts broken?

Please do not worry, we have 12 months warranty except accessories, you can also buy parts from us after 12months.

7. Can I order OEM/ ODM services?

YES, product can be customized.

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