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Glassware for petroluem and checmical products

Brand : HK
Product origin : China
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Supply capacity : 1000pcs/month

Standard laboratory glassware & products for the Petroleum and Chemical Industries

Glassware for petroluem and checmical products
Distillation cylinderASTM D865,10,100ml
Distillation flaskASTM D86100,125ml
Gasoline induction period oil cupASTM D525
Mercury pressure meterASTM D3230~800mm
Water content testerASTM D95Round bottm flask(500ml),reciever,condensing pipe
Aniline point test tubeASTM D611Internal, external test tube
Aniline point U tubeASTM D61122.5~23.0ml
Engler viscometer receiving bottleASTM D1665Receiving bottle(200ml), Receiving bottle(100ml)
Sulfur content testerASTM D1266Reciever,Drop collector,Smoke flue,Combustion lamp
Sulfur content combustion tubeASTM D1551Quartz bend, ground quartz tube
Corrosion degree test tubeGB/T391
Gum cupGB/T509100ml
Condensation point test tubeASTM D97Internal, external test tube
Solidification point test tube (ground port)ASTM D97Internal, external test tube
Water reaction cylinderASTM D1094100ml
Aromatic hydrocarbons acid wash comparison tubeISO 5274
Freezing point test tubeISO 3013Double wall glass test tube, A-moistureproof tube, B-moistureproof tube
Wax melting point test tube, water bath tank ISO 3841Water bath tank, melting point test tube
Density bottleGB/T2540Ground plug type. Capillary plug type, wide-mouth type
Benzene crystallization point test tubeSH/T0090Internal, external test tube
Benzenes distillation range testerASTM D1078Distillation flask(150ml), single tube fractionating tube, condensing tubeoxhorn tube,Reducing cylinder(100ml)
Wide range dropping point test tubeASTM D2265
Pour point, Cloud point test tube


ASTM D2500


Internal, external test tube
Wax content tester



Tubular immersion filter, test tube, pipetting liquid, taper weighing bottle
Saybolt comparison tubeASTM D156Sample tube, standard color scale glass tube
Dropping point test tubeASTM D566
Bitumen brittle pointIP 80Internal, external test tube
Copper strip corrosion, viewing test tubeASTM D130Corrosion tube, viewing tube

ASTM D6470


Flask(500ml),condenser,column dropping funnel
Centrifuge tubeASTM D4007

ASTM D1837




Gas & Liquid buretASTM D2533
Color comparation tube

ASTM D1500


Emulsion resistance cylinderASTM D1401100ml (with base, without base)
Distillation and adsorption deviceGB/T7363Rectifying column, distillation flask (2000ml), ground plug, Corner condenser, reciever (1000ml), vessel(500ml), chromatographic column(500ml), straight condenser, distillation flask(250, 500ml), flask plug
Comparison tubeASTM D61216ml
Gasoline oxidation stability oil cupASTM D525
Gum cupASTM D381100ml
Demulsibility open separating funnelASTM D2711500ml
Glass tube for ball viscometerGB/T8030
Curde oil water content testerASTM D4006Drying pipe, condensing pipe, reciever, round bottom flask (1000ml)
Vacuum distillation apparatusASTM D1160Distillation flask(500ml), vacuum jacket distillation column assembly, reciever
LampshadeASTM D187
Sulfur content testerGB/T11131Reciever, fogdrop reciever, lampshade, standard flask, burner
Fluorescent color layer capillary adsorption columnASTM D1319Precision inner diameter adsorption column, standard adsorption column
Flask for corrosionASTM D665400ml
Ground plate bottom glass tubeASTM D2983Internal, external test tube
Total acid value titration bottleGB/T12574500ml
Floc point tubeDIN 51351bolck type, melt sealing
U tubeGB/T12578
Foam character cylinderASTM D8921000ml(with base, without base )
Constant temperature glass tankASTM D892
Turbine oil oxidation tester




Test tube, oxidation conduct, condensing tube
Aging test tubeDIN 51352Internal, external test tube
Density bottleISO 383810, 25, 50ml crash helmet pycnometer, Gay-Lussac pycnometer , wide mouth pycnometer
Density bottleISO 38381, 2, 5, 10ml
Hydrogen content testerSH/T0022Lamp bottle(25ml), lamp lid, burner,flue,receiving bottle,Taper chamber
Silver strip corrosion testerSH/T0023Test tube,condenser,glass hook
Centrifuge tubeSH/T0057100ml
Gasoline and paroline depentanizer dephlegmatorSH/T0062Distillation bottle,(100ml),Distillation column,reflux condenser, light distillate collector,oil resistance rubber plug, reciever(15ml)
Particulate pollutant test container
Coolant corrosion testerSH/T0085Gas diffusion tube,reflux condesing tube,no mouth high type flask(1000ml)
Boiling point testerSH/T0089Double port flask(100ml), condensing pipe
ExtracterSH/T0097Flat bottom flask(1000ml) extracting pipe, five balls cooler, unbrella tube
Emulsify bitumen cylinderSH/T0099.5250ml
Test tubeSH/T0104
Flask, test tube, grease cup for dropping pointSH/T0115Flask, test tube, grease cup
Gear oil oxidation tubeSH/T0123oxidation tube, glass air pipe
Lube oil oxidation pipe



Soap film flowmeterSH/T012450, 25, 100, 200, 250, 1000ml
Arsenic test deviceSH/T0130Generator (60ml), glass exhaust pipe, brown glass pipe
Carbon residue testerSH/T0160Distillation bottle,(250ml), Cylinder (200ml), glass coking bottle, sampling pipe
Vacuum Distillation Range TesterSH/T0165Distillation bottle(250ml), receiving bottle(100ml), Doble are pressure gauge
Molecular weight test tubeSH/T0169Internal, external test tube
Crystallization point double wall glass tubeSH/T0179Internal, external test tube
Demulsibility value testerSH/T0191Graduated cylinder(50ml), bend tube (4 types),Beaker without mouth(3000ml),
Shrot radius flask(1000ml)
RBOT glass containerSH/T0193175ml
Lube oil  antioxidation stability testerSH/T0196Oxidation , adsorption bottle
Transformer oil oxidation tubeSH/T0206
Aviation hydraulic fluid oxidation stability testerSH/T02085 ball condensing pipe, oxidation pipe, bottle plug
Thermal oxidation pipeSH/T0219Test tube, Air blow in tube, Blow off pipe
Diesel stability testerSH/T0238Flask (1000ml), condensing pipe
Aviation fuel stability oil cupSH/T0241
Congealing point testerSH/T0248Test cup,pipet,U manometer, pressure regulation water tank
Thermal oxidation stability tester for fuel oilSH/T0250Heating pipe, cooling pipe
Micro sulfur testerSH/T0252Reaction flask,  Acid tap funnel, Reciever
Cylinder for demulsibility time, flaskSH/T0256Cylinder (250ml), Flask(1000ml)
Asphaltene extracterSH/T0266Flask (500ml), Ball type condensing pipe, Extracter
Vacuum oil saturated vapor pressure swing deviceSH/T0293
Oxidation water solubility testerSH/T0295Oxidation pipe, Volatility water Soluble acid absorber
Internal combustion engine oil oxidation pipeSH/T0299Oxidation pipe, oxygen feed tube
Release value heat resistance jacket glass tubeSH/T0308
Petroleum coke density bottleSH/T031325,50,100ml
Bitumen wax content testerSH/T0425Glass pyrolysis distillation flask, glass shield, cooling bath tank, filter flask, sample cooling tube, Plunger rod, glass filtering funnel, Conical flask
Boling point testerSH/T0430Flask(100ml), Condensing pipe
Rubber consistency glass oil cupSH/T0436
Synthetic oil oxidation corrosion testerSH/T0450Oxidation pipe, air feed pipe, condensing pipe
Cylinder with plug



Oil content testerSH/T0580  115ml
Cylinder without mouthSH/T0588  100ml
Chromatographic columnSH/T0606  
Hargil silicone adsorption columnSH/T0607Upper column-hargil adsorption column, Lower column-hargil silicone adsorption column
Extraction deviceSH/T0608Flat bottom flask with three ports(500ml), Separation column, shunt condenser
Azobenzene adsorption columnSH/T0609Gas bottle, Liquid bottle(125ml), manometer

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