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Low Temperature Brookfield Viscometer

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HK-11145 Low Temperture Brookfield Viscometer

The low-temperature, low-shear-rate viscosity of automatic transmission fluids, are of considerable importance to the proper operation of many mechanical devices. Measurement of the viscometric properties of these oils and fluids at low temperatures is often used to specify their acceptance for service. This test method is used in a number of specifications.

This tester describes how to measure apparent viscosity directly without the errors associated with earlier techniques using extrapolation of experimental viscometric data obtained at higher temperatures.


HK-11145 Low Temperature Brookfield Viscometer conforms to ASTM D2983 Standard Test Method for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, and Lubricants using a Rotational Viscometer. It covers the use of Brookfield viscometers of appropriate torque for the determination of the low shear- rate viscosity of lubricants. The test is applied over the viscosity range of 500 to 900 000 mPa·s within a low temperature range appropriate to the capacity of the viscometer head.Mainly used for testing liquid lubricants, such as gear oils, torque and tractor fluids, and industrial and automotive hydraulic oils


1.four precise Spindles strictly conforms to the standard, great repeatability

2.we use semiconductor cooling bath with Transparent observation. Inner LED light makes operation more convenient.

3.standard Test Tube Stator, inner diameter 22~22.5mm,length: 120mm

4.imported digital rotary viscometer, equipped with Seven gear spindle speed

5.Microcomputer temperature controller with PID control, temperature control range: normal temperature 40 ℃, PT100 temperature sensor, with high precision .

6.Big Viscosity detection range: 1000~1000000mPa.s

Technical parameters

1.Applicable standards:ASTM D2983

2.Refrigerating method:semiconductor refrigeration

3.Temperature control method:digital PID temperature controller

4.Temperature control range:ambient temperature~-40±0.1℃

5.Rotate speed:0.5~60r/min


7.Rated voltage:AC220V 50HZ

Test summary

An oleaginous fluid sample is preheated, allowed to stabilize at room temperature, and then poured to a predetermined depth into a glass cell and an insulated or uninsulated spindle inserted through a special stopper and suspended by a clip. The contained sample is cooled to a predetermined temperature for 2 h(we use semiconductor as refrigeration system) and analyzed by a Brookfield viscometer and, depending on the viscometer model used, the viscosity of the test fluid is read directly from the viscometer or the resultant torque reading is used to calculate the viscosity of the oil at the temperature chosen.


1.Petroleum ether:60~90℃,analytically pure

2.95%ethyl alcohol:analytically pure

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