Liaoning Huake Petroleum Apparatus Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

We engage in research, development and manufacture of various kinds of thermometers, glass floating meter (densitometer), glassware for petrochemical industry, testing apparatus and instrument for petrochemical industry in accordance with standard of ASTM, GB/T and SH/T. Our company is the unique supporting manufacturers of the petrochemical instruments and glassware. Our products have been sold to various domestic and foreign markets: Russia, Germany, France and America, etc.

Our company has over 20 years of manufacturing experiences, we also employs experienced technical and management personnel anda complete range of inspection equipments. Our products are steady and reliable with high quality and our company is the ASTM membership.

The glassware for petrochemical industry is manufactured strictly according to the specified dimensions listed in “Manual for Test of Petroleum Products” and other relevant standards. The glassware is produced according to different technical requirements and production processes because of different glass performances, meeting the national standard and ISO3583. The glassware conforms to GB/T12803~GB/T12808, with soda lime silica glass and borosilicate glass. The copper-red diffusion technology is used for graduation, which is precise and clear. It is verified by JJG196 Verification Regulation. The Ground-glass joints adopt international taper (1:10), meeting the standard ISO0383 andQB1504. Joints of the same specifications can be interchanged and checked strictly.

We can manufacture and process liquid-in-glass thermometers, glass floating meters (densitometer) and glassware of various special specifications according to customers’ drawings.

Our philosophy is: Survival on High Quality, Development on Technology