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Test use thermometer of petroleum products

Brand : HK
Product origin : China
Delivery time : within 30 days after recieving full TT payment
Supply capacity : 100set/month
Test use thermometer of petroleum products
Oil tank-30~500.2Stem350±106~7Full
Crystallization & Solidification point -60~301Inner scale 300±10 9~1075
Melting point #1 30~1000.2Inner scale 300±10 8~965
Melting point #2 80~1500.2Inner scale300±10 8~965
Melting point #3 130~2000.2Inner scale 300±10 8~965
Gum 0~2501Inner scale320 8~9Full
Gum0~3001Inner scale320 8~9Full
Vapor pressure 0~500.1Inner scale480 6~7Full
Vapor pressure 0~500.1Stem480 6~7Full
Kinematic viscosity 19~210.02Stem 305±5 6~8Full
Kinematic viscosity 24~260.02Stem 305±5 6~8Full
Kinematic viscosity39~410.02Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity49~510.02Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity79~810.02Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity99~1010.02Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity19~210.01Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity24~260.01Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity39~410.01Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity49~510.01Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity79~810.01Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity99~1010.01Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity19~210.05Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity24~260.05Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity39~410.05Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity49~510.05Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity79~810.05Stem305±56~8Full
Kinematic viscosity99~1010.05Stem305±56~8Full

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